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Once smoking was the killer health problem in Scotland. Now comes the news from Cancer Research that around 29% of adults in Scotland are obese whereas 18% of the population continues to smoke. In the early 1980s the figures were markedly different, at around 6% and 40% respectively. Which Is The Best Chest Fat Burner Pills. That means in just four decades the country has gone from one in 16 of the population being obese to a staggering almost one in three.

Such changes have led to major shifts in disease patterns: rates of heart disease have gone down partly due to less smoking, but the prevalence of other diseases, such as diabetes, has risen significantly in the last four decades. Where Is The Buy Fat Burners. Being overweight or obese increases risks for many conditions including chronic lung diseases, liver disease, high blood pressure, skin disorders, joint problems, sleep apnoea (when breathing is interrupted), pregnancy complications and mental health issues.

More worrying is the link between excess body fatness and many cancers, prompting a new Cancer Research campaign to highlight the issue. According to the charity’s analysis of Scotland’s 2017 health survey, excess weight causes around 190 more cases of bowel cancer than smoking in Scotland each year. The Best Fat Burning Supplements Women. The same pattern is true of cancer in the kidneys (around 130 more cases caused by excess weight than by smoking), ovaries (around 40) and liver (around 25).

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