Which Fat Burner On Empty Stomach Really Works

Supermarket experiment
Ideally we would have compared the food that shoppers buy when they pre-order with what happens when they go to the store, but there would have been too many variables, such as pricing and convenience, that might have muddied our results. Which Fat Burner On Empty Stomach Really Works Instead, we created experimental conditions and asked people to choose among them if they wanted something free by pre-ordering it a week ahead.

When we delivered the food a week later, we surprised customers with the chance to change their order because we wanted to compare the food people would order for their future self versus the the food they wanted right away. Based on prevailing economic theories, we hypothesized that people would swap healthier foods for less healthy foods.

And that’s exactly what happened. About 40% of the customers taking part in our study made at least one exchange. The foods most people ended up with were higher in calories, fat and added sugar than their pre-ordered foods. Organic Female Fat Burning Supplements For instance, they might swap out a red pepper for a bag of Doritos or an orange for a Snickers bar.

These findings suggest that many people are “dynamically inconsistent” – the choice they pick for their future self is different from the choice they pick when they get to eat the food immediately. 2022’s Best Female Supplements For Fat Loss. And, they are inconsistent in the predicted direction – they’re much more likely to swap out the pepper for the Doritos than the other way around.

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