Pheromones sensual secret weapon of women

By | April 13, 2016

Cutler is one of the scientists who provided the first evidence that humans, like animals, secrete pheromones naturally or attractants. This chemical smell dust raise during the childbearing years unconscious sexual attraction. But alas: “After the fortieth year, change as hormone levels, or after a hysterectomy, reduces women the secretion of sex pheromones.”
Reproductive biologist Winnifred Cutler, however, some good news: “We now know that locally applied, synthetic pheromones our own production pheromones can complement and increase our sexual attractiveness as we age. ” Winnifred Cutler, who founded the Athena Institute in Pennsylvania to improve health care for women and eight wrote books that have been translated into seven languages, is already 25 years of research to pheromones. It has pheromones in a jar placed on the market that are derived from the perspiration of young women: Athena 10:13. “These synthetic pheromones can give a boost to the romantic lives of women around the menopause or menopause.” The efficacy of synthetic pheromone is no nonsense, for example, says the eminent gynecologist Christiane Northrup, who was a regular guest on Oprah Winfrey. It commends the Athena pheromones in her book “The Secret of the temporary” as the secret weapon of sensual women around the menopause transition or “They really cause a change in the amount of attention you get from men.”

What is the evidence for the efficacy of synthetic pheromones in sexual attraction?

Dr. Winnifred Cutler, “The efficacy of Athena pheromones is demonstrated by other scientists in a number of studies of the gold standard: controlled double-blind and placebo. In an experiment at San Francisco State University found that 74 percent of women who used the pheromone was sexually attractive to men. In a later study held 44 women, averaging 57 years old by Harvard University for eight weeks in a diary. The received one half, without knowing that their favorite perfume odorless pheromones Athena, the other half a nepstofje. Of the users of the pheromone 41 percent reported that their partner more with them hugged and kissed, and showed more affection. The group that used only perfume was 14 percent.

” Why the use of synthetic pheromones is not yet known?

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Dr. Winnifred Cutler: “In the Netherlands synthetic pheromones may not be familiar, but with us in America do. Since I have proven that human pheromones exist and published about it in scientific articles have been here for about 300 counterfeit products placed on the market together with colleagues in 1986. Pheromones have serious interest from the medical angle.The eminent American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in 1999 even invited me out to hold a half-hour lecture for physicians, information that is now also used in the training of doctors. Dr.Winnifred Cutler, “Your sexual or romantic attraction is of course not only determined by pheromones, but also by many other factors. Your appearance, social skills such as flirting, dignity, confidence, intelligence, and if you are open to a romantic relationship, everything plays. But pheromones probably prevail in this appeal: women report that the daily use of the male sex pheromone lure even more than their appearance. In an experiment by ABC News received one half of identical twins, who used the pheromones, for example, three times as many men to her in a bar. Then of course it is the interaction of factors. A man can get rid of a woman because he is attracted by pheromones, but once near her she can stop him fall or he is at once completely crazy about her. ”  Dr.Winnifred Cutler, “If they work for you, increasing the pheromone chemistry. I often hear women complain that they at some point after their fortieth year “invisible” are for men. Although the exact age ranges, the hormonal changes around menopause or menopause and the subsequent decline of pheromones seem that feeling of increasing “invisibility.” In the most recent survey reported postmenopausal women who used without knowing Athena pheromones, that it again “visible” felt that had recovered their attractiveness and enjoyed again romantic attention. “

Dr. Winnifred Cutler: “Yes, women taking daily pheromones also have more sex, provided for in their partner there is natural. Female subjects reported more ‘regular weekly’ sex compared to women without knowing it tested a placebo. In the later study reported postmenopausal women using pheromones that they have received more affection and caresses, but no longer had sexual intercourse. However, this was more due to the capabilities of their partner. ”

Pheromones increase the libido of women?

Dr. Winnifred Cutler, “No, Athena pheromones do not increase the libido of women. They affect only the men around you. But your libido can of course get a boost if you experience more romantic interest, attention and courtesy. I do not have enough research to prove this, but I have hundreds of women who did, got to hear a new order of pheromones that their romantic life was not passed around menopause or menopause, but through the use of pheromones new impetus had received. Synthetic pheromones just offer women around the menopause transition or the ability to do something for themselves to enhance their sexual attractiveness. ”  Dr. Winnifred Cutler, “The studies reported that women could take up to six weeks before they noticed positive reactions. Other women told us that Athena 10:13 worked directly for them, including our oldest customer from behind in the 80. We recommend Athena 10:13 or daily use, because its effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

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