Fast slim and fit with hip boot camp workout

By | April 13, 2016

Bootcamp training is one of the latest fitness hits. Especially among women who do not like the gym is bootcamp popular. Why is that? Here are 5 reasons to also begin now with boot camp workout:

1 With bootcamp workout gives you the best out of yourself

Bootcamp workout is a sturdy, almost military workout where you let drill in the open air until you drop. The boot camp training has come over from the US military. Soldiers had to do intensive exercises strong pace for the entire body to be as strong as possible and fit in a short time. Dutch coaches have this military drilsessies created a recreational version. You do not have to worry that you are being yelled at bootcamp or humiliated, but do note that you will be pushed to the limit. It is really hard work. It is a huge boost in boot camp you train in a group, your neighbor has it just as badly as you do. Because you motivate each other, keep it longer, and gives you the very best out of yourself.

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2 Bootcamp workout is so varied that even you can last

Boot Camp is a spicy combination of cardio and strength training outdoors. The training goes on, rain or shine. Basic exercises like pushups, squats, situps, jumping jacks and lunges are at bootcamp rapidly alternating with frog jumps, jumping and squats, sprints and running. Everything you encounter is used here to benches, trunks, stairs or climbing frames, as well as the body weight of your fellow boot campers.

There are countless varieties of boot camp that makes it so much fun. So you have Boot Camp Babes 4: Women who want to train directed legs, buttocks and abdomen. You can do Early Bird Boot Camp: sports at dawn. Or what about the 8 Weeks 2 Fabulous boot camp training twice a week, three body measurements, a nutrition plan, plus personal coaching. Kickbox Bootcamp can, or even Yoga Boot Camp. And then of course there is still the original, heavy Military Boot Camp for whom it may not be extreme enough.

3 With bootcamp training to become fast slim and fit

Bootcamp is a very effective training method to get a lean body fast. If you lot do your best, you will soon burn about 600 calories per hour. That is quickly lose kilos. But your condition is progressing by leaps and bounds. Scientists from the University of Wisconsin discovered in an experiment that you are training at boot camp for 77 to 91 percent of your maximum heart rate. According to the American College of Sports Medicine this is exactly the right speed to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Moreover take faster and more oxygen, because you’re working outside in the open air. Also makes bootcamp for more coordination, muscle strength, agility and explosiveness. The reward is a beautiful athletic and slim body. In two to three times a week for an hour bootcamp you already have a smaller dress size in six to eight weeks, and if you’re lucky or two dress sizes smaller!

4 Boot Camp workout you can do on your own level of training

Boot Camp is for all levels of training. There are boot camp classes for beginners, intermediate, advanced and highly advanced. That makes this kind of exercise suitable for everyone. Provided you have no injuries or physical condition naturally. Boot Camp is also useful for women with busy lives, because you can train at the time that suits you. Just gives you easy access to the calendar when you want to train with.

5 Bootcamp training is affordable for everyone

You do not have to boot camp to invest heavily in your sport outfit. All you need are a good pair of athletic shoes and sportswear that may be dirty. You’re at bootcamp furthermore not bound to costly and lengthy gym subscriptions. In most bootcamp clubs buy a strip card that you used only if you train – campen boat for as little as € 8.50 a time. Only it you are all gay!

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