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The best diet in the world

Recently I came across a book in the bookstore, “The best diet in the world”. I had to have this book, my husband already asked me if I had not enough books in the cupboard. Of course not, there are always even more, and the closet full. I still just buy a second bookcase? Is… Read More »

winter Blues

Due to the seasonal changes affects our biological clock confused. Many people have to suffer in the morning to get out of bed. Especially in the months of January and February winter blues beats mercilessly. We all want it to be spring, but it takes so long. We feel tired, want to sleep a lot,… Read More »

You now always coconut oil at home

Coconut oil is so real in the top 5 of my favorite products! The discussion about whether coconut oil is or is not healthy, I have to follow professional course, but frankly I’m tired of such discussions. Yes there are saturated fatty acids in (what?) And yes, it does not change composition when it is… Read More »

Food and Emotions

Every emotion has both a positive and negative meaning with our bodies. The emotion calls for attention, and we have a tendency to reach for sweets. But if the snowsuit is over, the emotion knocks again. The guilt, that you have let go again comes into play. And if you also have another sick of… Read More »

Take care of your skin optimally

Everyone knows that with the rise of our age is also aging Everyone knows that the aging of our body coincides with the rise of our age. But how can you remain young and vital as long as possible. That’s a question we all want to know the answer. People are still willing to put… Read More »

With the baked pears

Autumn has arrived again, in addition to the cold weather and the rain fall has to offer us beautiful things. The splendor of autumn colors, smells and tastes. It is a pleasure to walk through the woods, the trails chairs shooting from the floor, chestnuts fall to the ground. Everywhere hang spiders in their webs… Read More »

Natural cooking together

This cookbook is unique, it is composed by a group of inspiring people of different ages who had never met each other for this project. But after mail contact over and over again we met in January, and after signing the contract the book a reality. Everyone has their own chapter and together we filled… Read More »


A recent American study shows that mindfulness meditation may help reduce obesity and overweight in children. Discover how meditation can help them manage their cravings and to easily apply some exercises everyday.   How mindfulness can help your child lose weight naturally? Meditation can it help obese and overweight children to lose weight? Mindfulness, mindfulness… Read More »